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Baganha Galeria


Baganha Galeria

Established in May 2008 (initially under the name “Cor Espontânea”), the Baganha Galeria is an initiative of the Portuguese entrepreneur Fernando Baganha, which intended to promote a project of exhibitions and artworks trade that would be as closer as possible to the collectors’ needs.

In 1992 Fernando Baganha had taken on a position as director of the Magellan Gallery, in Paris and it is in this context, within the exhibition “Les Illes do Cap-Vert” that he meets Júlio Resende. In this space of the city of light he also held exhibitions of artists included in the Baganha Gallery’s collection, such as Artur Bual, Branquinho Pequeno, Ferreira Rocha, Francisco Simões, Jacinto Luís, João Cutileiro, José Rodrigues, Lili Melo, Luís Darocha, Paulo Ossião or Rodrigo Ferreira.

In 2009, the Baganha Galeria gets exclusivity of the Master Júlio Resende, a privilege that motivated the shift from the space on Boavista Avenue to the Bom Sucesso Street (Oporto), where it remains until today. Provides, thus, an exhibition area of about 600 m2 distributed by six exhibition rooms.


In 2013 Francisco Laranjo becomes the second exclusive artist of the Baganha Galeria.

In May 2013, five years gone over the start of this project, we propose to launch a catalogue that is representative of the Baganha Galeria’s collection. We selected artworks of 78 artists from the four continents (Portugal, Spain, France, U.S.A., Cuba, Ecuador, Chile, Macau, Japan, India, Angola and Mozambique) whose aesthetics fits in various modern and contemporary artistic movements. However, we are proud to state that in the Baganha Galeria’s estate, Portuguese art is put in evidence, especially the one that marks the second half of the 20th century and the 21th century.


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